Rebekah Del Rio

Rebekah, you are a wonderful singer and a nice person. How did you become involved with David Lynch's film "Mulholland Dr."? Did you know David Lynch previous to this project? Thank you... :-) --Dan

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 10/21/2016

Hi Dan Lamb!!!

I just found out that I have Irish relatives with the name Lamb.. how about that! I knew there was a little San Patricio blood in me! As I understand Lamb is an English last name but in my case, it's from Lambe which is Irish..

Now then.. to answer your question.. 4 years later...

I had a record deal in Nashville in '96 (got it singing Llorando btw, among other songs) and in '99 my CAA agent called me up and told me he wanted to introduce me to David Lynch. I met David, sang for him and he recorded it (unbeknownst to me) and made a special scene "Club Silencio" specifically because of my song "Llorando". and the rest is history.. a beautiful accident.. says David!

Thanks for asking!! :)

love & light

Rebekah Del Rio

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