Rebekah Del Rio

Are you going to record a new CD? I bought yours and loved it. You have a lovely voice. I am going to take singing lessons thanks to you and all the singers I listen to. Love, Teresa ,Lansing, MI.

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 10/21/2016

Hi There Teresa!

I hope your singing lessons have been great and you're singing like a song bird!!
I made a new 11 song album that was released on 11/11/11 (cool eh?) The album is called Love Hurts/Love Heals! You can get it on CDBaby, i-Tunes, Amazon, etc.. It's in honor of my late son Phillip. I just finished a new tribute album last year that should be coming out this year. It's a Cuban Big Band Album consisting of 10 songs composed by the famous Cuban songwriter Sergio de Karlo. He had very big hits in the 1940's. One of his major hits was a song called "Flores Negras". That song was performed by Eydie Gormet, Nat King Cole, Ana Gabriel. It was awesome recording it at the famous studio in Hollywood, Ocean Way Studios (home of Frank Sinatra and many other iconic superstars) I was even lucky enough to record with Frank Sinatra's tube mic. How exciting, no?

Keep singing!!!
love & light
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