Rebekah Del Rio

Will you be coming to Dallas, Tx on your tour?


Rebekah Del Rio responded on 05/19/2013

Hi Brenda, thanks so much for asking a question, sorry it's taken me a spell to answer them.. I've been out of sorts since my brain surgery.. yikes.. but I'm back on my feet.. and though I don't have a tour planned yet.. I'd LOVE to play the big D.. my family is from Texas and I've always wanted to play there.. so do check back often and if I'm playing there, y'all will be the first to know :) are you on my mailing list? if so, then you'll get the notice! :) wish I was still singing country.. I loved the yellow rose of texas, and well , all of the songs about the lonestar state

love & light

Rebekah 11:11

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