Rebekah Del Rio

hey i love your song but i was wondering if you have a hispanic background an if so what parts

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 05/19/2013

Thank you so much. I love "Llorando", the Spanish version of the late great Roy Orbison's "Crying". You know what.. the boys from Il Divo asked me where I was from and I believe they were trying to guess.. Argentina or Spain.. I am from Sunny San Diego.. I do have Latino roots.. Mexico and Spain/Portugal so I've heard but I'm not really sure. I taught myself Spanish (though I really could learn more) and the song was translated by the lovely Venasuelan singer/songwriter, Thania Sanz.. so perhaps that's why I have a certain accent when I perform it. Thanks for your question. love & light Rebekah 11:11

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