Rebekah Del Rio

Hello Rebekah. I wish you lots of succes and fun with your concert on may 6.Unfortunately I can't see you on stage, because I live in The Netherlands.
Maybe one time? It would be Great! Love Mientje

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 08/09/2012

Hi Mientje, Thank you so much for your question. We had a great show May 6. It was AWESOME!.. We are showing again. Aug 31, Sept. 22 & Oct. 17 so far. I would LOVE to perform in The Netherlands.. one day, I hope to. Thank you for supporting my music. You know, one of my recordings went to number 2 in Holland.. (I wasn't there) but the song was "Nobody's Angel". It was a really beautiful song. This album was never released. Too bad because it was some of my best work. Again, thank you for your belief in me. Hope to perform in your country soon. love & light Rebekah 11:11

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