Rebekah Del Rio

Have any plans to be in Texas? Do you do house
parties? I lost my best friend two weeks ago. Your singing soothed the suffering.Where do I hear your "Llorando" duet?
Rudy Cran
San Antonio, Tx.

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 10/23/2012

Hi Rudy :) I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. It's so hard to wrap your mind around losing someone you love. One thing that has helped me is to know that each of us have our own Soul paths and we are so blessed to have the people that we love for the time we have them, however little that is. 23 years wasn't a long time but I'm so grateful that I had my precious son for that long.
Texas.. my son used to have a shirt that read "I'll mess with Texas" haha.. I would LOVE to play South X SouthWest someday.. Austin is a great town! So is San Antone .. (like the song).. Someday soon. My Llorando duet is found on Il Divo's "Wicked Game" album. Hope you enjoy it. Love & Light Rebekah 11:11

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