Rebekah Del Rio

Rebekah--We love your voice. We play the audio CD of Toda mi vida all the time. How can we obtain an audio CD (hard copy) of Love Hurts Love Heals?
Thank you so much. You are terrific!
Neil and Sheila

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 08/09/2012

Hi Neil & Sheila, Thank you so much for using this site to ask questions. It helps if other's have similar questions to answer them here. Well, I've been waiting to answer this question because I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make physical copies of the new cd and I was hoping to be on tour with another group but that didn't happen so I couldn't make the cd's. If we do another kickstarter to make the cd's, I will surely invite you to help with that so you can recieve a signed CD too. Thank you so much for playing my All My Life CD. It's such a sweet album. thank you again.
Love & Light
Rebekah 11:11

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