Rebekah Del Rio

You have such an extraordinarily soulful and beautiful voice, thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you do a show in NYC soon, as I would love to see you live. What has helped you through the pain?

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 09/09/2011

Hi there and thank you for your question and lovely comments. I hope to be returning to NYC soon to promote my new album. I will surely post all my upcoming events on my tour schedule. Just keep checking back :) You asked me what has helped me through the pain... When my son was diagnosed with Cancer, it was such a shock that I went right into MOM mode and did everything in my power to save him. After many years of watching him struggle and also grow as a man /spirit, I realized that I am not in control of anything and that he and I (and everyone else) have our own soul paths. His was part of mine but had his own all the same. I released this need to change his path and embraced our lessons by loving him more and more and being present. I learned so much. I am so grateful for that beautiful boy, he was amazing. When he passed I honored him by creating a meditation garden (keeping myself very busy) and now I celebrate him with my album Love Hurts Love Heals.
Love & Light 11:11 Rebekah

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