Rebekah Del Rio

Is there any way that we believers can get a video of your recording sessions for your CD.

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 04/28/2011

Thanks so much for asking questions here on my fanbridge site. This is so great because I really enjoy connecting with the folks that take the time to listen to my music. So thank YOU! We'll be in N.Y. in July to start the record and we'll be filming the entire process. I offered Behind The Scenes videos to the Believers who pledged 333 and up (I know that's a whole heck of a lot of money) So I will be making the video and giving them to a few people that donated at that level. I've not thought about if I would be distributing it as I've not done it before but perhaps we'll make a DVD to sell (depending on the producers & investors we may get to join us in helping us distribute the record) We may release it one day but we don't have plans to do that right now. I may put snippets of it on my website. We'll see. But I will be making update videos for ALL the Believers so check the kickstarter and the special Believers page for video goodies. Love & Light Rebekah 11:1

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