Rebekah Del Rio

After the album, will you be doing concerts, talk shows/tv, and so on. I hope so. Your voice is so beautiful, I think it would be a pity if others don't get a chance to hear the beauty of your voice.

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 04/28/2011

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment. :) surely do appreciate it. I do have plans to promote this record with concerts and the like. I have a beautiful friend who is a publicist there in N.Y. and she has offered to help me promote this record. Yay! Love you Brooke! So check my website for updated info on my touring schedule and any tv or talk shows. Ellen anyone??? I would LOVE that! Thanks for your question and for being a Believer in my music. Love & Light, Rebekah 11:11

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