Rebekah Del Rio

Any chance that you would do a cover of Hay Unos Ojos? I think you would do an AMAZING version.

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 04/10/2011

You know what... that's a great idea! :) Thank you for asking... maybe you mean another song because I actually already do a cover of "Hay Unos Ojos" on my All My Life Toda Mi Vida album that is available on CDBaby through my website. My dear friend Rudy Calvo suggested that song when we were recording the album in Nashville and I fell in love with it and did it that same day. So Great minds think alike.. ;) thank you again for your fan question.. did you actually mean another song? if not.. you might want to consider getting my All My Life album then.. also.. Go to and help me make my new album Love Hurts - Love Heals. Thank you and love & light 11:11

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