Rebekah Del Rio

hi rebekah,

you're a phenomenal artist, and i'm so happy to have been turned on to your gorgeous music by a friend.

i hope you'll come to new york city to perform at some point. i produce a 1920s/'30's party called "shanghai mermaid", and i have a big following. i'd do a 1920's/'30's mexico-themed party if you'd perform!

xo juliette
shanghai mermaid

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 12/31/2020

Hello Juliette

Happy New Year! wow it's almost 2021 and you wrote me this very kind note in 2015..

so sorry it took me this long to respond..I thought I had answered all the lovely questions but when I was about to delete my Fandbridge account (can't afford it anymore) I noticed I had all these unanswered sweet notes.

I played the Standard in 2019 in NYC as well as a beautiful art gallery to benefit my late son's charity. The Phillip C. DeMars Foundation.

I'm not sure if you attended but there were a lot of folks I wasn't able to speak to. :(

So right now I'm just focusing on staying safe (inside) and making music here in my little studio in Nashville.

Your show looks amazing! Maybe in 2022?? Let's plan it shall we?

Well until then...

I hope you and all those you love are safe and well.

Happy New Year!

Rebekah Del Rio

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