Rebekah Del Rio

What's up these days?
Singing much?

Come, visit Tucson.
Could be real fun!

Rebekah Del Rio responded on 12/31/2020

Hello Jake,

Happy New Year! wow it's almost 2021 and you wrote me this very kind note in 2014..

so sorry it took me this long to respond..I thought I had answered all the lovely questions but when I was about to delete my Fandbridge account (can't afford it anymore) I noticed I had all these unanswered sweet notes.

I love Tuscon Jake! I would have loved to sing in Arizona but never did. 2014-2019 I toured a lot and in 2020 I was about to embark upon a nation wide tour and back to Europe but well you know what happened... A Pandemic! who knew?? I mean back in 2014.. we were so innocent.. full of hope. haha

So right now I'm just focusing on staying safe (inside) and making music here in my little studio in Nashville.

If you would like to see me sing go to @rebekahdelrioofficial and the link is in bio for my shows. I'm doing a show on 1/11/21 on

I hope you and all those you love are safe and well.

Happy New Year!

Rebekah Del Rio

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